Google’s AIY program, an AI-based partnership launched with Raspberry Pi creators earlier this year, is preparing its sophomore offering. The AIY Vision Kit, as the name suggests, is a camera kit add-on for makers and hobbyists.

The AIY Vision Kit includes a cardboard outer shell, a VisionBonnet circuit board featuring the Intel Movidius MA2450 vision processing unit, an RGB arcade-style button, a macro / wide lens kit, a piezo speaker, a tripod mounting nut and various other connecting components. You’ll need to supply your own supporting components – a Raspberry Pi Zero W, a Raspberry Pi Camera, an SD card and a power supply.

The AIY Vision Kit is the first project that features on-device neural network acceleration, providing computer vision without a cloud connection.

The kit comes with three TensorFlow-based neural network models that are ready to go. One is capable of recognizing a thousand common objects, another can recognize faces and their expressions while the third is described as a cat, dog and person detector. Google is also throwing in the tools necessary to train your own models using TensorFlow.

Tools and software are also supplied that allow you to change the RGB button color, tweak the piezo speaker sounds and access the unit’s four GPIO pins.

The AIY Vision Kit is available to pre-order from today through Micro Center. It will be offered in stores in early December priced at $44.99.