On November 30, Times Square saw a provocative promotion video, depicting iconic game character Pac-Man, eating up a row of dollar, bitcoin and etherium signs. The video symbolizes the transition to the so called 'New Money Order', which Universa Blockchain is striving to achieve. The video has since been uploaded to Universa's YouTube channel.

Universa is a new-age blockchain platform introducing technology designed to fix the weaknesses of bitcoin and ethereum. According to the project's whitepaper, this will be done by improving smart contracts and the tokenization process. Universa is providing easily scalable blockchain technology and interface suitable for creating smart contracts and applications.

The application of Universa's blockchain technology includes such fields as logistics and cargo tracking, AI financial predictions, agriculture, food and medical supplies control, and many more. The platform is intended to satisfy the needs of everyday users as well, and has such applications as smart home automation, airbnb, ridesharing, etc. providing a system for tokenization of everything that requires decentralization and transformation to the blockchain.

The token sale launch took place October 28 with the project attracting more than $10 million in the first three hours. The company's goal is to raise $100 million and use the collected funds on the protocol's development, the creation of the Universa fund for investing in blockchain-based businesses, marketing, legal, and other purposes.

The head of the Universa project is Alexander Borodich, a well-known Russian venture investor and serial entrepreneur. Borodich's track record includes over 90 startups in his portfolio and his position as a former marketing director at the Mail.ru Group. Among the project's advisors there's John McAfee, creator of the McAfee Security antivirus and founder of MGT Capital Investments, who is going to use the Universa platform to implement his own blocking project McAfee Coin, with which he hopes to "change the venture capital market."

As of writing, Universa has attracted over $28 million in funding and 687,000+ registered users during the token sale.

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