Fans of YouTube's ever-growing 360-degree video content library may be pleased to hear that Google has finally launched a YouTube VR app on PC.

The app, which was previously only officially available to Google Daydream VR and PlayStation VR users, has been a long time coming for the PC audience.

While YouTube's 360-degree videos have always technically been available for viewing without any VR hardware on PC, users haven't been able to get the full experience until now. Instead, fans of the content have had to take advantage of unreliable workarounds or shell out the extra cash for a Daydream or PlayStation VR headset.

At any rate, the app is now available on Steam VR as a public beta to all HTC Vive owners. That said, the initial user response to the app has been a bit frosty, with Ars Technica reporting that many users can't seem to get the app to work at all. As a result, some have taken to the app's community discussions and reviews to vent their frustrations.