It's the day after Christmas and odds are, you've got a collection of gift cards and / or cash burning a hole in your pocket. If you're looking for something to spend your newfound wealth on and happen to be health-conscious , Garmin has just the thing.

The company on Tuesday announced the vivofit 4, a new fitness tracker designed for 24/7 wearability (after all, what good is an activity tracker that doesn't get worn?). It features an always-on color display, is swim and shower safe and boasts an incredible 1+ year of battery life.

As with other trackers, the vivofit 4 can be paired with a smartphone, enabling more advanced functionality like sleep tracking. There's also a social aspect in which wearers can connect with friends and family to help motivate (and compete again) each other. And, if you've got children who own a vivofit jr. 2, you can even compete against them in fitness-minded activities like the Toe-to-Toe timed step competition.

Wearers can also use the Garmin Connect app to customize the vivofit 4 with colored themes, watch faces and personalized text.

The Garmin vivofit 4 will be available exclusively from Amazon later today with white, black or lime green speckled bands for $79.99. Additional bands can be purchased individually starting at $19.99. If one of your New Year's resolutions is to be a bit more mindful of your health, this looks like a solid start at an affordable price.