While Facebook may have its fair share of problems, it's still one of the most popular social media platforms around and for good reason. In addition to offering numerous social games and methods of keeping in touch with your friends, family and acquaintances, Facebook offers one key feature many users love: memories, or the "On This Day" feature.

Initially released back in 2015, Facebook's memories feature has been a good way for users to see how their lives have changed over time with minimal effort on their part. The success of this feature has been undeniable and it seems that other social media platforms have finally decided to emulate it. In this case, the platform doing the emulating is Snapchat.

Starting today, Snapchat will allow users to access their own version of Facebook's memories feature, though it works a bit differently than what you might be used to. To begin with, Snapchat's "A Look Back At 2017" feature only works – as you may have guessed – with pictures posted in the year 2017.

Furthermore, Snapchat users will have all of their pictures from this year condensed into a single, editable story. According to the company, "Each Snapchatter's own 2017 Story will include snaps that are automatically categorized and strung together to tell a fun, year-end narrative that's personal to you." Ultimately, this means that some pictures won't make it into your story if the app's algorithm doesn't care for them.

This is in stark contrast to Facebook's memories feature, which only shows you one of your posts at a time. Regardless, if you posted a few particularly embarrassing photos to Snapchat at any point during 2017 and would rather they didn't make the final story cut, you can easily review and scrap them before saving it and sending it out to your friends.

If you want to check out Snapchat's new feature for yourself, simply tap the "Memories" button towards the bottom of the app when you first boot it up.