The National Football League in 2013 announced a set of concussion assessment guidelines designed to help better detect concussions that occur during practice and in live games.

At CES 2018, a company by the name of Prevent Biometrics has unveiled what it is calling the first and only head impact monitoring technology to accurately detect potential concussion-causing impacts in real-time. Perhaps the NFL should take notice?

The Gen 1.2 Head Impact Monitor System consists of an impact monitor mouthguard that can accurately measure linear and rotation acceleration, impact location and direction and even tally total impacts received. It works in conjunction with a team app and a web portal for advanced analytics and reporting (you also have the option to buy a case that can charge, sanitize and store up to 27 mouthguards).

As Prevent Biometrics CEO Steve Washburn explains, the Gen 1.2 Head Impact Monitor System is designed to reduce the incident of undetected and untreated concussions.

The device, he says, ultimately helps teams improve player safety and performance by turning the ineffective, observational method into an effective, data-driven method. In other words, they're taking the guesswork out of identifying athletes for concussion assessment.

While it may seem like a niche product, the usable market for a smart mouthguard is larger than you might think. Virtually every pro sport - from football and baseball to basketball and hockey - could benefit from such a device. You've also got combat sports like MMA and boxing - and that's just at the pro level. Now, think of all the collegiate sports teams out there, high school teams, little leagues, etc.

Of all the smart home gadgets you'll see unveiled at CES this year, this is perhaps the most important and offers the most potential as it relates to user safety.

Prevent's new Gen 1.2 system will exit beta and be available to select schools and youth associations in time for the 2018 football season. Pricing will be set at $199 per mouthguard - the team app and web portal will be supplied at no charge.