Pushing out successful products is a need for successful enterprises, but public perception is also an important aspect that helps drive stock prices. In an annual survey of brand reputation, Google's Alphabet parent company and Apple both dropped significantly down the rankings.

Apple dropped from ranking 5th last year all the way down to the 29th position. Google fell from 8th to just ahead of Apple at number 28 on the list. Back in 2015, Apple held the second position on the list. The Harris Poll Reputation Quotient poll survey was taken by 25,800 United States consumers age 18 or older.

A likely explanation for the drastic drop in rankings for both Apple and Google is the lack of new and interesting products that have been released. Apple has released the iPhone 8, iPhone X, AirPods, and HomePod since last year's survey was taken, but none of which are exceptionally life changing. Google has also failed to introduce any major products that the general public is aware of. Changes to YouTube's monetization policies is one of the most recognized issues.

Amazon remains in the top spot as it has done so for each of the past five years except for 2015. The ecommerce giant's acquisition of Whole Foods, massive sales of Alexa devices, and continued efforts to become further integrated into daily lives has earned Amazon the top position. It is difficult for many to now go a day without seeing or hearing something somehow related to Amazon.

Over the past year, Tesla has also held the spotlight for its fair share of time. The automaker has risen from number 9 up to the third position. Publicity from the Model 3, Tesla Semi, and putting a car on track for deep space caught the eyes of many. With Elon Musk's extravagant public stunts, it would be hard to miss out on the latest promises from Tesla.