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Amazon removes Dolby Vision and Atmos from Prime Video unless you pay to go ad-free

And without telling anyone
WTF?! Amazon has given people another reason to love the company. After introducing ads on January 29 to Prime Video subscribers who don't pay more, it has now been revealed that those who won't hand over the extra $2.99 per month also lose access to Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos surround sound support. Curiously, the loss of these features is something Amazon previously failed to reveal.
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Amazon finds $1B jackpot in its 100 million+ IPv4 address stockpile

The tech giant has cited ballooning costs associated with IPv4 addresses
The big picture: In the world of tech, IP addresses are akin to digital real estate. Just like in the physical realm where urban sprawl is an issue, the IPv4 territory is becoming increasingly crowded. There is a finite number of these 32-bit internet IDs available, and demand far exceeds supply as our online presence balloons.
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Amazon employees encouraged to ask company mascot for help with financial hardships

Peccy is a benevolent mascot
Facepalm: Good news for Amazon warehouse workers living in fear of being injured, fired, or replaced by machines as they earn $17 per hour at a company that generated $9.9 billion in profit last quarter: they can write a letter to the company mascot, Peccy, if they're facing financial hardships this holiday season in the hope "some of their holiday wishes" come true.