Cisco is the largest networking company in the world, so it's no surprise businesses widely rely on its technology to stay connected and keep their operations running smoothly. The Ultimate Cisco Certification Super Bundle will prepare you to ace a host of Cisco certification exams in system maintenance, routing, and more, and it's on sale for over 90% off.

Regardless of your experience level, this 9-part training will familiarize you with the core concepts and ideas related to network security, wireless networking, and several other IT-related fields. Plus, this collection features instruction geared toward helping you pass the coveted CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification exams in collaboration, security and more--major stepping stones for any aspiring IT professional.

The Ultimate Cisco Certification Super Bundle was on sale for $59, but it's available to TechSpot readers at a new price drop, lowering the final price to $49 for a limited time and saving more than 90% off the usual $3,000+ retail price.

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