Serial entrepreneur Elon Musk on Friday deleted the official Facebook pages for two of his largest companies, SpaceX and Tesla - wiping out millions of followers and likes in the process.

The events unfolded on Twitter after Musk replied to a Twitter post regarding a story from The Verge about Sonos pulling its ads from Facebook and Instagram for one week.

The comment picked up steam and within minutes, people were suggesting he delete the Facebook pages for SpaceX and Tesla. In one reply about the SpaceX page, Musk said he "didn't realize there was one" and vowed to axe it. In response to another message asking about deleting Tesla's page, Musk said "Definitely. Looks lame anyway."

Less than half an hour later, both pages had seemingly been removed. Navigating to and currently generates the following error message.

As the #DeleteFacebook campaign picks up momentum, it's not entirely surprising to see Musk distance himself from Facebook. In mid-2017, Musk and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed conflicting opinions on their views of artificial intelligence. Musk at the time on Twitter said he had talked to Zuckerberg on the matter and said "his understanding of the subject is limited."

Mozilla earlier this week announced it was pulling all advertising from Facebook. A day earlier, WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton called for people to delete their Facebook accounts in protest of the recent Cambridge Analytica data scandal.