Uber in late 2016 redesigned its Driver app but as CEO Dara Khosrowshahi highlighted on Tuesday, it's already showing its age. Worse yet, Khosrowshahi concedes that Uber went about its last design in the wrong way - doing the work based on what they thought drivers wanted, launching it and hoping for the best.

This time around, the ride-hailing platform did things differently.

After months of soliciting drivers for feedback and opinions, Uber launched a beta version of its revamped driver app and continued the conversation for another four months. During the more than 100,000 trips that ensued, Uber received invaluable feedback that helped shape the app for the better.

Now, the new app is ready for widespread distribution.

In it, you'll find a new real-time earnings tracker that lets you quickly see how much was earned on your last trip. The new status bar, meanwhile, provides real-time updates on nearby market conditions. For example, if there are more requests than usual in your neighborhood (and thus, more opportunities to make money), you'll be notified here.

Elsewhere, the notifications feature will tip you off regarding alternative earning opportunities and serves as a hub for rider feedback and account information. There's even a driver profile that allows drivers to showcase themselves to potential riders.

If this all sounds a bit intimidating, well, that's normal according to Khosrowshahi. In an effort to help lower the learning curve, Uber has created a comprehensive guide to getting started with the platform. It'll be available to drivers in the coming months, we're told.