Despite embracing the use of Linux on its computers, Dell Computer will not be offering its customers indemnification against lawsuits in the SCO Group's campaign against the open-source operating system.

Sony Computer Entertainment boss Ken Kutaragi has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 will feature backwards compatibility with the PS2 and PSone, ensuring continued support for older software formats in the new hardware.

The Inq: "AMD's Athlon FX beats Intel's Pentium 4 3.2 GHz in almost every way".

CDs And DVDs To Go The Way Of The LP, says Forrester Research: The end of physical media is nearing?

Laptop Fuel Cells – Ready for Takeoff? Fuel cells that can run laptops for 10 hours or more without plug power have captured the imagination of computer junkies.

How some spammers get your e-mail - Forget bad luck. Those annoying chain letters circulating the Internet could be cursing you with an inbox full of spam e-mail, computer experts warn.

Chip sales up again in July - In a sign of continued growth in the chip industry, global sales of semiconductors rose to $12.9 billion in July, according to the Semiconductor Industry Association.