Machine learning is the technology that powers AI innovations like self-driving cars and natural language AI assistants. As these breakthroughs find their way into more consumer tech, demand for machine learning knowledge is only going up. The Pay What You Want: The 2018 Machine Learning Bundle can familiarize you with the tools and concepts that power this field, and it's yours for a price you pick.

Here's how the deal works: Pay any amount you want and you'll instantly unlock one of the ten resources in the collection. Beat the average price paid (currently less than $18!), and you'll get the remaining nine at no extra charge. Plus, if you beat the leader price, you'll be entered into a major giveaway and earn a spot on the leaderboard.

Boasting six ebooks and 12+ hours of training, this collection will introduce you to machine learning and the tools used to leverage it, like Python, Apache Spark, and TensorFlow. Make your way through the entire collection, and you'll learn how to work with the massive amounts of data that machine learning requires and understand machine learning's applications in the real world.

Simply choose your price, catalyze your data science career and start your machine learning education with the 2018 Machine Learning Bundle.

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