If you're an avid Google Drive user, the company has some interesting news for you. In an announcement today, Google unveiled "Google One," an upgraded version of their previous Google Drive cloud storage system.

Google One will reportedly be replacing Drive entirely for those who take advantage of Google's paid storage plans, while also providing them with an additional storage plan offering, a price tweak and a couple of notable subscription perks.

To start with, Google is slashing the price of their 2TB cloud storage plan from $19.99/month to a mere $9.99/month, and they'll be adding to their low-cost storage options with a $2.99/month 200GB storage plan.

The company's $9.99/month 1TB storage plan, which would be obsolete in light of the 2TB plan's price cut, won't be seeing any price tweaks. Rather, Google will simply be eliminating it altogether. It's unclear whether or not the company plans to roll out an alternative in the future, but the company's other storage plans -- such as their 10TB and 30TB offerings -- are largely remaining unchanged.

Google One will also include much-requested family sharing functionality (you'll be able to add up to five people to your storage plan), "one-tap" access to support experts, free Google Play credits, and deals on select hotels found through Google Search. Google plans to expand this list of perks over time.

If you're wondering when you'll be able to try out Google One for yourself, the company claims the upgrade will happen "automatically over the coming months" if you subscribe to any paid Drive storage plan; even the cheapest $1.99/month 100GB plan.

Google hopes to bring Google One to free Drive users "later this year."