Microsoft has revealed a new Halo game, but it isn't what you might have expected. Halo: Fireteam Raven is far from your traditional first-person console shooter; it's an arcade machine featuring four turret-mounted machine guns.

Microsoft announced the game on Thursday during an Inside Xbox video presentation. Fireteam Raven is a collaboration between Halo developers 343 Industries, Play Mechanix, and arcade-game producer Raw Thrills.

The game is set during Halo: Combat Evolved's timeline, placing players in the roles of Fireteam Raven Orbital Drop Shock Troopers on Alpha Halo. While you don't take control of Master Chief, he fights alongside you in the battle against the Covenant. Original weapons including the Needler and Magnum make an appearance, as do vehicles such as the Warthog.

Players can work as a team or compete against each other, and it will even be possible to scan a QR code to connect the arcade experience with the Halo Waypoint service's website.

The arcade certainly sounds pretty impressive. The massive, four-seater cabinet features a 130-inch, ultrawidescreen 4K monitor to go with those turrets.

Eugene Jarvis, the CEO of Raw Thrills, said Halo: Fireteam Raven was the "most spectacular arcade experience" that the company has ever made, and that the game had been in development for years.

The cabinets are set to arrive at Dave & Busters in the US and Canada this summer, before expanding to more arcade locations in the fall. As for the next non-arcade game in the long-running franchise, we may hear something about Halo 6, if that's its name, at next month's E3 conference.