Why it matters: As much as Amazon would like you to believe, its Kindles aren't the only e-readers in town. Kobo's latest looks to be a solid offering at a reasonable price that, at the very least, will keep bigger names like Amazon honest.

The e-ink displays found on dedicated e-readers aren't nearly as versatile as the full-color panels accompanying modern tablets but when it comes to providing a natural reading environment that's easy on the eyes, they're far superior to backlit screens.

It's why avid readers continue to buy them and companies like Kobo keep churning out new models.

The latest from Kobo is the Clara HD, a six-inch e-reader that sports a 300 PPI Carta E-Ink touchscreen. It features ComfortLight PRO technology to reduce exposure to blue light for more comfortable nighttime reading and 8GB of local storage that can hold upwards of 6,000 e-books. There isn't a micro SD card slot, however, so you'll likely want to keep a USB cable handy.

Kobo says the Clara HD offers "weeks" of battery life (but doesn't go into specifics) alongside micro USB and 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity. The company is also quick to point out that its device isn't riddled with advertisements, a clear jab at Amazon and its line of ad-supported Kindle devices.

The slate measures 159.6 mm x 110mm x 8.35mm and tips the scales at 166 grams, or about 5.85 ounces.

The Kobo Clara HD is available to pre-order directly from Rakuten as of writing. It's priced at $129.99 and includes free shipping. Look for it to launch on June 5.