Why it matters: Roku's expansion into the audio market is a logical next step for the streaming TV specialist and its Roku Connect platform affords customers a seamless experience, one that's often lacking when it comes to home audio.

Roku on Monday announced it is getting into the speaker business with the introduction of the Roku TV Wireless Speakers.

Designed to work exclusively with Roku TVs, the new wireless speakers are meant to address a growing consumer problem. As televisions get thinner, their integrated audio solutions inevitably suffer. Many consumers tackle this issue by adding a soundbar or an elaborate home theater setup although others find the latter step a bit too intimidating.

The Roku TV Wireless Speakers connect wirelessly via Wi-Fi to Roku TVs using the Roku Connect platform, seamlessly adding a new level of depth to the television watching experience. Roku says that because it controls the software in both the speakers and TV, audio is optimized to ensure it syncs properly with onscreen video.

The speakers also offer Bluetooth streaming from mobile devices, automatic volume leveling to lower the volume on loud scenes and boost it on quieter segments and dialog enhancement to improve speech.

The bundle includes two Roku TV Wireless Speakers, a Roku TV Voice Remote, a Roku Touch tabletop remote, two power cables and four AAA batteries.

The Roku TV Wireless Speakers are scheduled to launch exclusively from Roku.com in late October. They're available to pre-order from today starting at $149.99. Miss out on the early bird special (which runs through July 23) and the price climbs a bit higher to $179.99. Elect to wait until launch and you'll pay $199.99.