Noticed on AMD Zone that some Athlon XP optimized Quake 3 1.32 Dlls have been posted. What goods that, Quake 3 already supports 3D Now! & SSE you say, right?

This is horribly incorrect. Quake3 (even with an Athlon XP) forces AMD chips to use 3DNow, not SSE. Little do people know the 3DNow! code is completely broken in Quake3. It does not help at ALL.

The Pentium 3 & 4 chips however are both detected as "Pentium 3" chips, which automatically uses SSE which DOES work in Quake3 & gives a significant FPS boost. These DLLs don't enable SSE but do help with Athlons.. & if SSE was to ever be enabled in Quake3 for Athlon processors they would blow Pentium 4 chips out of the water even more.

Download Now if you're interested, there's also Dlls for other games as well.