In brief: Do you spend an unhealthy amount of hours watching YouTube videos? Now, you can see just how long you've been viewing content on the platform---information that could encourage some people to cut back on their usage.

The update is part of Google's Digital Wellbeing initiative announced at its I/O developer conference in May. The health-focused features, most of which are still an Android 9 Pie beta and only available to Pixel users, show which apps and services get used the most and allow phone owners to pause them or snooze the notifications.

YouTube had already received some Digital Wellbeing tools, including the option that reminds viewers to take a break once they reach a set amount of viewing hours. Users can also bundle all their push notifications into a single notification that arrives at a set time during the day.

With the new 'Time watched' stats---available in the user account menu---Google says it wants to give people "a better understanding of time spent on YouTube, so you can make informed decisions about how you want YouTube to best fit into your life."

The new feature shows how long you've spent watching YouTube, including YouTube TV, today, yesterday, and cumulatively over the last seven days. You also get to see your daily average viewing time.

As you would imagine, any videos that have been deleted from your watch history or viewed in incognito mode won't count toward your views, neither will any clips viewed while not signed into YouTube. YouTube Music isn't included in the watch times, either.