The big picture: 8K TVs are finally making their way to mainstream availability with Samsung's latest QLED offering. Even though we are sure the early adopter fee will apply, mass production means pricing is likely to steadily fall over the next few years.

At IFA 2018 Samsung Electronics has announced a QLED 8K TV that is actually headed to consumer markets. Ranging in size from 65-inches up to 85-inches, real 8K Resolution with AI upscaling is designed to bring even more life-like experiences.

Samsung's Q900R will feature 4,000 nit peak brightness. Major film studios are able to make use of this standard, but AI will be a prevailing force to actually make use of such a wide range in standard content. There is compliance with the HDR 10+ standard to provide proper color reproduction across the stunningly wide dynamic range.

No matter what source of input the Q900R uses, its 8K AI Upscaling engine running on Samsung's Quantum Processor 8K will do its best to improve image quality. Screen mirroring from mobile devices, streaming through built-in apps, watching media via set-top boxes, or input via HDMI and USB will all be enhanced.

One of the unique features associated with the Q900R is its ability to automatically switch between connected devices using the included One Remote. Turning down the volume will no longer result in accidentally exiting your favorite show because the remote was not in the right mode for your surround sound setup. There are third-party universal remotes that offer this capability but Samsung has finally made it a standard feature.

A giant screen may look great when its on, but is otherwise wasted wall space when its not in use. Ambient Mode turns the Q900R into a display for weather, news, artwork, and more when the TV is sitting idle. Wall-mounting and hiding wiring is also made easy with a single 5-meter cable that is a combination of fiber optics and power.

The Samsung Q900R will be available in 65-inch, 75-inch, 82-inch, and 85-inch versions. Pricing has not yet been shared, but the Q900R is theoretically meant to be affordable enough to put in homes.

General availability in retail stores begins in late September.