Why it matters: Giving plays an important role in the lives of many of us but doing so can be a risky proposition, especially if there is no guarantee where your contributions will end up. With YouTube Giving, the video sharing platform looks to ensure those funds end up in the correct hands.

YouTube is making it easier than ever to donate to charitable causes through the launch of YouTube Giving, a suite of features that include fundraisers, community fundraisers, campaign matching and super chat for good.

Fundraisers allow YouTube creators and qualifying US-registered 501(c)(3) nonprofits to easily create fundraising campaigns and embed them right beside their videos and livestreams - just look for the "Donate" button to make a contribution.

All creators need to do is set up the campaign and YouTube will handle the logistics. A full 100 percent of the transaction fees (during the initial beta period) will be covered by YouTube so all money donated will go directly to the cause. Fundraisers will initially be offered to a limited group of creators in the US and Canada, we're told.

Community fundraisers, as the name suggests, allow multiple creators to co-host the same fundraiser. These fundraisers will appear on participating creators' videos simultaneously and show the collective amount of money their communities have raised.

Campaign matching, meanwhile, is launching in the coming weeks. It'll allow creators of fundraisers and community fundraisers to receive matching pledges from other creators or brands to help inspire viewers to get involved.

Super chat for good builds on the community's existing super chat feature where viewers can pay to have their messages highlighted during livestreams. With super chat for good, money paid in will be routed to the creator's nonprofit of choice.

YouTube said it will listen to user feedback on the new features and expand them to additional creators over the coming months.