In context: Over the last 50 years, Intel has hired all of its chief executive officers from within. Following the departure of numerous executives, Intel does not have many leaders left with more than a few years experience that want to become the next CEO.

Intel has been without a permanent CEO since June after Brian Krzanich resigned for violating non-fraternization policies. Since then, CFO Robert Swan has been running the show but is not interested in filling the role of CEO indefinitely.

The search for a leader is now well under way. Board members have contacted several potential candidates to see who is interested in the position. Even though CEO is a desirable role for many, Intel is going to need a tough leader capable of handling intense competition over the next few years.

So far, we have learned that Sanjay Jha and Anand Chandrasekher have met with Intel to discuss the opening. Jha started his career at Qualcomm and progressed to become the chief operating officer. From there, he continued on to become CEO of the Motorola Mobile Devices business. In January 2014, he took the position of CEO at Globalfoundries, stepping down in March 2018.

Chandrasekher does not currently work for Intel, but has over 14 years of experience with the company. He led the Centrino program throughout the early 2000s making Wi-Fi a standard feature on laptops.

Murthy Renduchintala is Intel's current chief engineering officer and is reportedly under consideration for CEO. Joining Intel in 2015 as the most senior external hire ever, he too comes from Qualcomm and was a coworker of Jha.

As the youngest candidate at 45 years old, Navin Shenoy is one of the few internal candidates looking for a promotion. Shenoy has been very successful lately running Intel's data center group posting gains of over 20 percent during the past three quarters. He is also part of Intel's technical assistant program that pairs employees with senior executives to offer experience.