Creative Labs is about to revamp its line of PC Audio products; we recently received a few announcements that included the new Audigy 2 ZS line, new Inspire T-Series speakers, a new external Audigy touted the 'NX' & a new portable MP3 player, the MuVo 2.

The new Audigy 2 ZS will boost THX-certified 7.1 surround sound and as a follow-up to the current Audigy line it will keep offering such high end features like: 24-bit Advanced HD audio at 108dB SNR, EAX A-HD, Dolby Digital EX and DTS-ES for movies and games. A Platinum Pro package will also be offered featuring an External I/O Hub.
Both products are expected for an October release and we are already counting on Creative's support so we can have some of their boards available for testing and report back to you with results.