Something to look forward to: Back in 2016, Twitter announced that it was introducing a Facebook-style algorithm-based timeline feature designed to show people the “best tweets first.” Now, the microblogging site has announced that users will be given the option of reverting to the classic reverse-chronological order feed.

Twitter admits that not everyone has been a fan of its algorithmic timeline, which also shows tweets users “might have missed” and Liked tweets from people they follow. The company’s support account says it is working on “providing you with an easily accessible way to switch between a timeline of Tweets that are most relevant for you and a timeline of the latest Tweets.”

An option to switch off the “Show best tweets first” feature in the account settings has long been available but unchecking this box didn’t switch Twitter back to an entirely pure chronological timeline. The company plans to replace the option with an easier-to-access switch that swaps between algorithmic and chronological feeds. In the meantime, disabling the Best Tweets First feature now turns off “In case you missed it” tweets and recommended posts from people you don’t follow.

The ability to revert to the original Twitter timeline will enter its testing phase “in the coming weeks.”

Many of those on Twitter have welcomed the news. It’s just surprising that the platform took so long to listen to its users and give them what they want. Perhaps an edit button will be the next requested feature to be implemented.