Something to look forward to: Microsoft's 2018 Surface event kicked off today, and the company unveiled a few new devices; one of which is the Surface Pro 6, an updated version of last year's Surface Pro 5. The Pro 6 will house an 8th-gen Intel processor, "all-day" 13.5-hour battery life, an improved screen, and "up to" 16GB of RAM, all for a starting price of $899.

Microsoft is looking to breathe new life into their Surface line-up this year, as evidenced by today's Surface-focused event. Though the conference oddly hasn't been livestreamed, reports about the new devices announced at the event have begun to surface across the web.

One such device is a 2018 refresh of Microsoft's Surface Pro laptop-notebook hybrid device, dubbed the Surface Pro 6.

The Surface Pro 6 will feature an 8th-generation Intel processor, roughly 13 hours of battery life, "up to" 16GB of RAM -- the cheapest model might have closer to 8GB, if I were to speculate -- and a built-in 1TB SSD. Other than a marginally-improved display and "redesigned" cooling technology, it doesn't sound like much else is changing between 2017's Surface Pro 5 and 2018's Pro 6.

It's tough to say given the quality of the images we've seen so far, but the design of the Pro 6 also seems to be identical to its predecessor, and it sounds like it will launch with the same Surface Pen.

However, one notable change seems to be the option to pick from a few different device colors. Engadget says buyers will be able to choose black, blue, red, or "platinum grey" color schemes for their new Pro.

Whether or not a few hardware upgrades and a handful of color scheme options are enough to justify the Surface Pro 6's starting $899 price tag for the average user remains to be seen. However, for professionals who need to stay on the move, it's far from a terrible bargain.

If you want to get your hands on the Surface Pro 6, it will launch on October 16. Pre-orders for the device do not seem to be available as of writing.