Fitness enthusiasts have probably heard of Fitbit on at least one occasion. The company is perhaps best-known for their wearable fitness trackers, which count your steps, check your heart rate, and can even monitor the quality of your sleep.

Though the form factor of their product line-up has remained pretty much the same over the years, Fitbit's fitness bands have gotten quite a few new features. The Charge HR, for example, was the company's first tracker to feature heart rate monitoring.

Fitbit's Charge 3, which was initially announced in August, is set to offer a similar leap forward over its predecessor, the Charge 2. The Charge 3 will be the first Charge device to ship with a touchscreen and true water resistance, while also offering "expanded notifications," quick message replies, improved battery life, and "more durable" construction.

All of those features sound great, but Fitbit hasn't told us when we can get our hands on the Charge 3 - until now, anyway. According to a report from Engadget, the device will launch on October 7, or this Sunday for date-challenged folks like myself.

It's a slightly strange day to launch a flagship product, but no matter. The standard version of the Charge 3 is available for pre-order now, at $149.95. The Special Edition version, on the other hand, will run you about $169.95, featuring a fabric wristband and the "Fitbit Pay" software tool.