Noticed over on Gamers Depot that Eidos Europe made a statement basically saying not to benchmark the game with the "unreleased" 49 Patch;

"It has come to the attention of Eidos that an unreleased patch for Tomb Raider: AOD has unfortunately been used as the basis for videocard benchmarking. While Eidos & Core appreciate the need for modern benchmarking software that utilizes the advanced shading capabilities of modern graphics hardware, Tomb Raider: AOD Patch 49 was never intended for public release & is not a basis for valid benchmarking comparisons. Core & Eidos believe that Tomb Raider: AOD performs exceptionally well on NVIDIA hardware." - Paul Baldwin, Eidos

Thing is though, the 49 Patch wasn't "unreleased", it was released from Eidos themselves, & still is available. As Gamers Depot points out, I'm sure this has "nothing" at all to do with Tomb Raider: AOD being a "The way its meant to be played" title. Score another own goal for NVIDIA.