Why it matters: Many have argued that PUBG needs to become free-to-play in order to better compete with Fortnite and for a limited time on the Xbox One, that's the case. This is probably a proactive measure by Microsoft to divert players away from the PS4. Whatever the case, if you are at all interested, you should nab it while it's still available.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is free to download and keep on the Xbox One for a limited time. The game normally retails for $29.99, making this quite a valuable offer. It’s unclear how long Microsoft plans to run the promotion for so if you want to try out PUBG on the Xbox, you should probably claim your free copy ASAP.

Microsoft’s official Xbox Twitter profile earlier this week teased big PUBG news for November 10 during the company’s X018 event in Mexico City. It is believed that this freebie offer is somehow tied to further PUBG announcements expected at the show.

Online coverage of the X018 event starts at 3 p.m. Central on Saturday.

Another motivating factor behind Microsoft’s latest move could be the pending release of PUBG on PlayStation 4. By giving away copies of the game now, Microsoft may be hoping to lock players into its ecosystem and steer them clear of the PS4.

PUBG is expected to land on Sony’s console sometime in December.

In related PUBG news, it was recently announced that two new skins were coming to the game in the form of the Joker and Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. Details are still pending but some believe they’ll be part of a larger in-game experience rather than simply a cosmetic skin. Perhaps we will learn more this weekend at X018.