The big picture: Reddit's work to improve its platform in 2017 paid off a year later as the self-proclaimed front page of the Internet enjoyed steady growth and balance in 2018. With any luck, the good fortune will pour over into the New Year.

Reddit in the summer of 2017 raised $200 million to help cover the cost of a redesign and offer native video hosting. The investment appears to have paid dividends as growth has continued platform-wide.

As of November 2018, there were 153 million posts on Reddit that have collectively generated 1.2 billion comments and 27 billion votes courtesy of more than 330 million monthly active users across nearly 150,000 active communities.

Video is also huge on Reddit. The platform is generating 1.4 billion video views each month, a 40 percent increase in just two months. As of two months ago, Reddit was serving more than 400,000 hours of natively hosted video each day and more than 13 million hours of video a month, representing growth of 38 percent since the first of the year.

Reddit's aforementioned redesign, the first in over a decade, starting rolling out in April. It's still possible to use the old layout by visiting although I suspect that option won't be around for too much longer. The site also got a Night Mode in May, making late-night binges a bit easier on the eyes.