In context: Bethesda has been working hard to overcome the negative press and poor execution of its latest release. Fallout 76, a multiplayer version of its popular franchise has not lived up to the hype. Now the studio has committed to salvaging the title. Player versus player is one of the many things found lacking, but the devs aim to fix that.

Bethesda has received a lot of flak over various aspects of Fallout 76. From poor reviews to PR nightmares, the game has had one of the worst launchings since No Man’s Sky. One of the biggest gripes is the PvP mode or lack thereof. For those wanting better PvP, it might be coming next year.

In this week’s Fallout 76: Inside the Vault, the studio outlines some of the changes it is working on that will be coming in January and beyond. While it did not get specific, Bethesda did say it has made changes to the PvP experience and has been testing it internally.

“We’re also hard at work on a new mode where you can work together, or not, without PVP restrictions,” the post reads. “We’re already having fun playing it at the office, and we’re hopeful to roll it out to all of you sometime in the first quarter of the year.”

If you are unaware, the current PvP system requires both players to engage each other in combat. If the fight is one-sided, the attacker does very little damage and gets a bounty on his head if he eventually kills the passive player. Bethesda did this as a way to handle trolls and griefers. However, it has not been well received.

While there are no more updates planned for 2018, developers do have a patch coming in January that has quite a few bug fixes including animation adjustments, new perk cards, and a tweak to the Whitespring area of the map that is currently spawning too many enemies.

Bethesda also mentions that developers will be adding more to the patch notes to further explain changes and why they are being made. It is hoping that more transparency in the development process will help to quell some of the bad blood after what can nicely be described as a rocky start.