Recap: Sony's decision to initially price the PlayStation Classic at $99.99 was clearly a misstep and one that the company has since rectified. At $59.99, the miniature replica makes a lot more sense and is far easier to recommend.

If you’ve been on the fence with regard to purchasing a PlayStation Classic, Sony may have just made your decision a bit easier with a significant price cut.

The PlayStation Classic, Sony’s answer to Nintendo’s limited run of retro-inspired mini consoles, launched on December 3. The system carried an introductory price of $99.99, more expensive than both the NES Classic at $59.99 and the SNES Classic at $79.99.

Initial reviews of the console highlighted a number of issues. While Sony nailed the look and feel of the system, critics found issues with the game selection and the hardware’s ability to run the emulated software. The asking price was also a bit prohibitive as evident by recent price cuts.

One day removed from Christmas, the PlayStation Classic has been slashed to just $59.99 at many major retailers including Amazon, Best Buy and Target. At this new price point, it’s far easier to cope with the console’s flaws.

Presumably lackluster holiday sales will inevitably lead to the question of whether or not Sony is planning a miniature replica of its iconic PlayStation 2 console. While perhaps not as memorable as the original, the PS2 also had its fair share of great games worth revisiting.