Nvidia didn't have a festive holiday season with its stock tanking hard after the "crypto hangover." Surely the company wants to look to the future and CEO Jensen Huang will be taking the stage at CES 2019 tonight to bring an update on everything they're working on.

From gaming gear to datacenter, AI and auto tech, Nvidia will likely try to please and impress to turn around bad perceptions and short term expectations reflected in their stock slump. For gamers, the launch of the GeForce RTX 2060 is almost a given. The widely rumored GPU is set to become the cheapest ray tracing enabled card, and it's expected to perform at 1070 levels and be priced somewhere in-between the 1060 and 1070 price brackets.

The keynote is scheduled to kick off at 8pm Pacific time (11pm ET, 4am GMT).