What just happened? Wireless mice are nothing new, but recent versions have seen massive improvements in several areas, including latency, battery life, and price. Joining them is Corsair's Harpoon RGB Wireless, unveiled at CES. Not only does this look like an impressive piece of tech, but it also costs just $50.

The Harpoon RGB Wireless uses Corsair's proprietary 2.4GHz 'Slipstream Wireless" technology, which has a 65-foot range and constantly looks for the best frequency to keep your connection stable. The Intelligent Frequency Shift (IFS) feature scans the wireless spectrum at 0.5ms to find the best transmission frequencies in even the most congested of networks, all of which means a sub 1ms latency.

In Slipstream Wireless mode, the Harpoon will last for around 30 hours, though you can add another 10 hours to this by switching to Bluetooth mode. Turn off the RGB lighting and enable the power saving option and you could stretch its life to 60 hours---or you could just use the wired USB connection.

In addition to the programmable RGB lighting, the mouse comes with a 10,000DPI optical sensor, six programmable buttons, weighs 99g, and is designed for right-handers who use a claw grip. The Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless is available now for $50.

For those who prefer to stick with cabled mice, Corsair also announced the M65 RGB Elite ($59) and the Ironclaw RGB ($59), both of which use the Pixart PMW-3391 sensor that supports up to up to 18,000 DPI.

The 105g Ironclaw is the larger of the two, making it more suitable for fans of the palm grip. The new M65 RGB Elite, meanwhile, features adjustable weights and the same sniper button seen in other mice that acts as a DPI switcher.