Why it matters: Motorized window coverings are prohibitively expensive. Ikea's upcoming smart shades aren't exactly cheap but they're more affordable than you'll likely find elsewhere. Plus, they work with mobile devices and personal assistants, slotting right into your existing smart home ecosystem.

The next phase of Ikea's home automation strategy lands in US stores on April 1. Fyrtur is a smart window blind constructed of blackout fabric material. The wireless, battery-powered blinds can be operated using the included remote control or paired to Ikea's smart home Wi-Fi hub and controlled using a smartphone.

The blinds feature a removable battery that can be recharged using the included USB power brick. Ikea says the blinds can be operated independently or in tandem if you have multiple units in one room or throughout your home.

Expected battery life and recharge times have not yet been provided. The roller blind is cordless for increased child safety.

Automatic blinds aren't a new advancement in home décor. If you've ever looked into them, however, you already know that they are incredibly expensive. US pricing for Ikea's smart blinds hasn't been revealed although a listing on its German website shows a starting price of 119 euros, or around $137. That's not exactly cheap for window blinds but again, if you've ever shopped for motorized blinds, you know how expensive they can be.

Ikea also has a non-blackout version called Kadrilj but those aren't coming to the US.