Why it matters: Do you enjoy playing PC games on Windows 10 but believe Microsoft could improve the experience? If so, then here's some good news: the Redmond firm has set up a web page where users can suggest and vote on ways of making Windows gaming better.

Over on the Xbox Ideas site, a Gaming on Windows 10 page asks how the OS can enhance your gaming experience and what features you'd like added or changed to make playing your favorite PC titles more enjoyable.

"Team Xbox wants your input on how to make gaming on Windows even better!" Xbox Insider wrote in a tweet.

Right now, the project is in the Collection phase, in which people can submit their ideas. These are still being accepted and moderated, but the Xbox team has put forward some suggestions that you can vote for. These include Windows identifying unnecessary processes when a game starts, such as indexing, and automatically disabling them while the title is running.

A particularly interesting suggestion is for Microsoft to create a version of Windows that is optimized and tailored specifically for gaming. There's also an option for letting users select which background processes to disable, launching games with a controller, and being able to stream from a PC to an Xbox.

The Voting phase comes next, though there's no mention of when it will begin. If you've got an idea and want to add it to the list, or would like to vote on something that's already been suggested, head on over to this page.