Ever since Epic launched its Epic Games Store, Steam has been bleeding talent and games; slowly, but surely. More and more developers are beginning to move over to Epic's store – despite its relatively barebones nature – due to the more developer-friendly 88-percent revenue split the company promises.

As a result, there have been quite a few casualties. Many games that were initially planned to launch on Steam have been pulled from the storefront, and exclusively moved over to the Epic Games Store.

One such game is Metro Exodus, for better or worse. The game's publisher, Deep Silver, revealed today that it will be exclusively selling the title on the Epic Games Store until February 15, 2020, at which point the game will come to Steam once again.

Deep Silver's decision is even more surprising given that Metro Exodus is releasing next month - pre-orders have been available on Steam since the game was first unveiled. This has left many fans who wishlisted the title feeling disappointed and slightly confused.

However, to be clear, those who pre-ordered the game via Steam aren't being left out in the cold. They will apparently continue to have access to it forever (or, at least, until Steam shuts down someday), along with any future updates it receives.

As unfortunate as Deep Silver's decision is for Steam die-hards, there's a silver lining here: according to company CEO Klemens Kundratitz, the more developer-friendly revenue split Epic's store offers lets the publisher "pass on savings" to the players. As such, Exodus will cost a mere $50 on Epic's store - $10 cheaper than it was on Steam.