Highly requested: Tidal announced on Tuesday that users can now block specific songs and artists from playing in the app's algorithmically generated playlists.

Last month, Spotify introduced a "block artist" option that allows music from specific artists to be removed from curated lists. Tidal in a move of one-upmanship added a similar feature but gives users more control.

As a song is playing users will now find a "block" button on the "playing" page. Pressing the button brings up a prompt asking if you want to block the song or the artist. So if it is just a particular song that you don't like, you don't have to ban the artist's entire library from curation as you do in Spotify.

"This latest feature adds to TIDAL's list of user-experience advancements, including the recent Venmo payment integrations, My Mix personalized playlists, Lincoln Motor Company car-integration, MQA compatibility with Android devices and more," a Tidal spokesperson told TechSpot via email.

Once you block the track or artist, the song (or songs) will immediately be removed from the My Mixes, Artist, and Track Radio lists. If the song is currently playing at the time of the block, the player will skip to the next song in the queue.

If users change their minds about blocked content, it can be reviewed in the settings menu. Here you will be able to see all blocked content sorted by artist and can unblock either the artist or any individual songs on the list.

It is worth mentioning that while Spotify's block feature is still in a user-limited beta, Tidal's should be available to all subscribers as of today.