Recap: Amazon has opened up its Alexa skills store to just about anyone. Now anyone can publish the skills they create using Alexa Skill Blueprints to the store. Along with rolling out the open environment, Amazon has added tons of new blueprint templates to serve all kinds of different users.

Last year, Amazon rolled out the Alexa Blueprints tool which allowed anyone to create skills for their personal Alexa devices with no programming experience required. Until now, those skills were only available to the user that created them. This week, Amazon opened up their US Alexa store to allow anyone to publish the skills they create. Previously only developers licensed by Amazon were allowed to publish to the store, adding over 80,000 skills.

The Amazon Blueprints tool comes pre-loaded with templates to make things like quizzes, custom greetings, and joke-telling skills. Along with opening up the store to anyone, Amazon is releasing new templates. The new open environment is targeting bloggers, content creators, organizations, and small businesses.

Some of the example templates Amazon gives on their blog announcement are geared toward personal trainers, teachers, and authors. The personal training blueprint could allow trainers and gyms to curate routines and give motivation to users while the teacher blueprints can give students access to flashcards, study guides, and even assignments.

Other skills give organizations the ability to broadcast live or allow users to download pre-recorded audio and video.

More lighthearted skill templates include trivia, game shows, and dad jokes. Skills are free, so you won't get paid for any of the surely-awesome skills you publish.