What just happened? Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s next major season of content arrives tomorrow with the launch of Operation Grand Heist, delivering new content across traditional multiplayer, Zombies and the battle royale-style Blackout game modes.

Standard multiplayer will see the addition of a new specialist – Outrider, from Black Ops III – and the return of the One in the Chamber mode. Players will also have access to two new maps – Casino and Lockup – and be subjected to “massive” weapon and gameplay balancing.

Zombie mode, meanwhile, is getting a new Gauntlet called Death-Con Five, support for signature weapons and a new perk known as Ethereal Razor. Gamers will also get an additional tier skip for completing daily callings.

Operation Grand Heist will include a new Western-themed destination called Ghost Town comprised of two locations inspired by fan-favorite maps. Outlaw is based on the Standoff map from Black Ops II while Buried is said to be modeled after a popular Zombies level. There’s also a new Hot Pursuit mode centered around the SUV, Muscle Car and PBR and a brand-new prestige system to look forward to.

Full details on the pending update can be found over on Treyarch’s website.

Operating Grand Heist launches first on PlayStation 4 on February 19.