Something to look forward to: A proper Pokemon RPG is coming to the Switch. Today, Nintendo announced Pokemon Sword and Shield, set to release in fall 2019. The eighth generation game will follow the maligned Pokemon Let's Go games released for the Switch in 2019, and will fulfill the demand of Switch gamers for a "real" Pokemon game for the console.

The next generation of Pokemon, generation eight, is finally here. This morning, Nintendo announced the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield, to be released in the fall.

Sword and Shield will be the first "core" games in the series to appear on a console, and answer fans' demand for a proper Pokemon RPG on the Switch. Pokemon Let's Go, released in 2018, was a re-imagining of Pokemon Yellow and was criticized for its lack of difficulty and limited appeal.

As usual, there will be two distinct games with slight differences between the two. The first trailer of the games shows cel-shading and three-dimensional graphics, and looks better than any Pokemon game to date.

The game is set to take place in a new region, Galar, with a wide array of new Pokemon. Among the newcomers are the three starters: Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble. Apparently after eight generations, names are becoming more difficult to conjure up.

The most recent generation of the core RPG, Pokemon Sun and Moon, was released in 2016. The "Ultra" version of those games followed later that year. Aside from the Let's Go series of games, this will be the first Pokemon RPG release in three years.