Rumor mill: Microsoft's rumored disc-free Xbox One is reportedly nearing completion and could launch within a matter of weeks. If true, it'd likely be the last variant of the Xbox One we see before Microsoft announces its next-gen console, perhaps as early as E3 2020 alongside the PlayStation 5.

First detailed last November, the new console - codenamed Xbox Maverick - will launch as the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. Sources familiar with the matter tell Windows Central that pre-orders are scheduled to open in mid-April ahead of an early May 2019 launch.

The publication believes Microsoft could be planning a simultaneous global launch in all existing Xbox markets.

Windows Central didn't have any further information regarding potential pricing. When plans first leaked last year, it was reported that a disc-less Xbox could sell for up to $100 less than the standard console.

Arguments can be made for and against a disc-less push.

In addition to cheaper hardware, going digital means you wouldn't have to worry about lost, stolen or scratched discs. There's also virtually zero clutter to deal with and refunds are much easier to process. Conversely, some people like to collect physical games. What's more, digital games have no resell or trade value whereas you can still barter with a physical copy of a game.

Lead image courtesy Anthony McLaughlin via Shutterstock