Through the looking glass: Additional testing and comparisons are needed to determine how this setup would perform against a traditional air cooler, a basic all-in-one watercooling kit or a quality waterblock. Still, it's a neat idea and a prime example of thinking outside the box. And who knows, maybe the concept will catch on?

Deciding between a traditional heatsink and fan combo or a watercooling setup to keep CPU temperatures under control is no easy task. Each method has its own pros and cons that must be weighed, including but not limited to cost, noise, performance and risk.

But who ever said you actually had to decide one way or the other? Why not do both?

James from Major Hardware recently conceived this very idea and acted upon it. Using a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO as the base, James built an acrylic enclosure around the heatsink, attached some fittings and connected tubing. After a quick leak check and applying some extra silicon, the prototype watercooled heatsink was ready for a test run.

There are plenty of reasons why this wouldn't' be feasible over the long-term - corrosion and leaks immediately come to mind. The bigger question, however, is just how practical a setup like this is.

What are your thoughts? Could this catch on as a trend or is it little more than a fun YouTube experiment?