In context: Gamers are always trying to bring little pieces of their favorite titles into the real world. Typically, this comes in the form of cosplay: people create game-related outfits and props that look great but often aren't all that functional. However, YouTuber Colin Furze (best known for creating a "homemade hoverbike") has decided to take things a step further over the past couple of weeks.

Capitalizing on the hype from their extremely well-received title "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice," game publisher Activision and developer From Software have partnered up with Furze to recreate a few of Sekiro's wildest weapons.

For those who don't know much about Sekiro, the game follows a (mostly) undying protagonist who wields a katana as well as a powerful prosthetic arm made out of bone. Throughout their adventures, Sekiro players are able to kit this arm out with various gadgets to help them succeed. Some of these gadgets include a foldout shield, a flamethrower, and even a crazy-looking flick axe.

So far, Furze has created two of those attachments - the shield and the axe. While his creations are obviously not identical to their in-game counterparts, they come about as close as you could hope for given the limitations of real-world technology and physics.

You can watch Furze create (and test) both weapons in the videos shown above.

For the flick axe test, Furze whips a sharp-looking axe off of a spring-loaded wrist contraption and proceeds to chop up objects thrown at him. For the shield, the YouTuber stepped things up a notch by shooting himself with a home-made flamethrower to test its heat-resistance (fortunately, he's doing just fine).

While we obviously do not advise our readers to try to follow in Furze's footsteps for themselves, it's tough to deny that his wacky contraptions are pretty cool; not to mention surprisingly functional.

We look forward to seeing what other in-game weapons the YouTuber may recreate in the future.