I have gone through all my stored archives of TechSpot older designs (3ds actually) and posted shots in our gallery, some even needed rebuilding but it was really worth it.
They all took me back in time and reminded me of different instances and moments of TS history. I ended up thinking of how proud I am to be part of TechSpot and how big we've got in the past couple of years... we all owe it to you, our readers, of course.

So here we go, I have included some commentary with each one of the shots, a must-read for TS fanatics, heh..

3DS, the one with animated logo - 1998
3DS, flashy green... what was I thinking?! - Early 1999
3DS, nice one using skyblue over blue - Late 1999
3DS, almost there... getting bigger - 2000
TechSpot, current design before polishing - Early 2003

Also the previously posted design shots are here, these are the more widely known designs that I posted the other day:

Older TechSpot, also branded 3DS (2001 - 2002)
3D Spotlight (1999 - 2000?)