Forward-looking: According to research firm IHS Markit, shipments of 8K TVs will reach 430,000 this year and surpass more than two million by the end of 2020. A set with an integrated 5G modem could exponentially increase sales, assuming of course that the price is right.

Chinese technology giant Huawei is reportedly looking to enter the cutthroat television market. Sources familiar with the company’s plans tell Nikkei Asian Review that its first set will feature an 8K resolution and a 5G wireless module.

The idea is that users will be able to tap into speedy 5G networks to download data-heavy content – perhaps faster than they could over their home broadband network – and without saturating their wired connection.

A 5G-equipped television could also serve as a router for other devices in your home, potentially eliminating the need for traditional Internet service entirely.

Huawei may not have the shiniest of reputations in the US due to privacy concerns but there’s no denying the company’s status as a global powerhouse and could be an early frontrunner in the 5G space. In the first quarter, Huawei overtook Apple to capture second place worldwide in terms of unit market share.

Huawei will enter a market dominated by Samsung, the world’s largest TV maker. The Korean tech titan recently started selling 8K sets in sizes ranging from 65 inches up to 98 inches.

Lead image courtesy James Mattil via Shutterstock