What just happened? Sony initially turned down EA Access when it launched in 2014 saying that it wasn't a good value. Now, five years later, the service has grown and has gotten the go ahead to bring it to PlayStation 4 users.

On Tuesday, EA announced it is bringing its EA Access subscription service to the PlayStation 4. It has already been available on PC and Xbox since 2014. Membership in EA Access provides a few decent benefits.

First, subscribers get a 10-percent discount on all EA purchases. That includes games, DLC, and even in-game items.

Members also get early previews to upcoming games. These are actual trials of the game, and not just videos or news shared in an exclusive newsletter. Subscribers get 10 hours of unrestricted access to the game before its release date.

The biggest draw EA Access has going for it is the Vault. The Vault is a large library of EA titles. Older games like Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mass Effect , and Dead Space are available to members free to play as long as they like. The Vault does have some more recent titles too including Madden 19, Unravel 2, and The Sims 4.

When EA initially debuted Access back in 2014, Sony rejected the service saying that it wasn’t a good value for gamers. However, five years have passed, and the Vault has grown, so it is a much better deal for the price now.

EA Access for PlayStation 4 will launch this July. Subscriptions run $5 per month. Annual rates are half that at $30 per year. Memberships will be available through the PlayStation Store or EA’s website.