Adoption woes: Google has always had trouble getting its latest Android versions to users. When you compare Android adoption rates to the user numbers of Apple's latest iOS updates, the difference is usually quite massive. This disparity is to be expected, of course. After all, Android is used by dozens of different phonemakers (and hundreds of different phones at this point), whereas Apple maintains a much tighter leash on iOS.

The fact that many Android phonemakers, such as Samsung, are notoriously slow to roll out the latest versions of the software to their customers' devices (if they arrive at all) certainly doesn't help.

However, it seems Android's latest version, Pie, isn't being impacted by these problems quite as heavily as its predecessor, Oreo. According to Android Police, Pie is currently installed across 10.4 percent of Android devices - that may not seem like much, but context matters here.

Android's previous version, Oreo, only had installation numbers around the 5.7 percent mark as of May last year, and that's after 9 months of availability. In the same period of time, Pie has far surpassed that figure.

So, while Google still has an awful long way to go before Pie reaches the user numbers of previous Android versions (such as Nougat, which was installed across 19.2 of Android devices near its peak), it's clear that things are moving in the right direction.