If you have an unlimited data plan, or simply a plan with plenty of data legroom, you may have found yourself frustrated with the file size limit Apple places on cellular downloads.

Thus far, Apple has only let its users download apps that are up to 150MB in size when on a cellular connection – obviously, that restriction rules out quite a few App Store apps. Even Twitter comes in at 202.5MB, and Facebook sits at about 260MB.

Fortunately, Apple is shaking things up now. The company has decided to raise the cellular download cap from 150MB to 200MB, which will likely be a nice surprise for users who tend to travel a lot or simply stay on the move in their day-to-day lives. However, as mentioned before, even two of the world's most popular apps still exceed that limit (just barely, in Twitter's case), so it's tough to say how useful this change will be to everyone.

With that said, 9to5Mac – the outlet responsible for first spotting this change – believes the "unofficial" cellular download cap is actually higher at around 240MB due to App Store compression and "irrelevant assets" being stripped away, such as "artwork only used on the iPad version of [a] game."

This change is already in effect, so you won't have to wait for a software update or lengthy rollout to take advantage of the new cellular download limit.