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Apple flips Epic Games ban less than 24 hours after the EU opened an investigation

Like a kid caught in the act, Cupertino gives Epic its license back
Round 10: Watching Apple and Epic duke it out for the past four years causes one to wonder if they will ever get along. Their very public US court bout is long past, with neither feeling like the victor. As the European Commission bears down on Apple, the boxing match continues, with Cupertino throwing punches to defend its walled garden and Epic hiding behind the referee hoping for a low-blow penalty point.
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European Commission fines Apple almost $2 billion over music streaming subscription policies

What just happened? Spotify has spent five years accusing Apple's music streaming subscription policies of being anti-competitive, and the European Union just ruled overwhelmingly in Spotify's favor. Apple argues that it deserves a cut for its role in Spotify's success. Meanwhile, another battle looms between the companies over sideloading and new fees.
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Apple lawsuit settlement lets devs charge up to $10,000 for an app

Or as little as $0.29
In context: Would you pay $10,000 for an app? Probably not, but the option for developers to charge that amount is being added by Apple. Cupertino says the change is to give devs more flexibility in how they price their apps globally, though it was actually one of the conditions of a class-action suit that Apple settled last year.