As the saying goes, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em – it seems that's a sentiment many traditional brick-and-mortar retailers have begun to adopt in the face of increased competition from online storefronts like Amazon.

For companies like Target and Walmart, that means improving their online ordering systems; including implementing a better user experience, lower prices, and most importantly: faster shipping.

Today, Target announced that its partnership with Shipt, which gives customers same-day delivery on a wide variety of products, is now expanding nationwide. Starting today, residents in 47 US states will be able to get "65,000 items" delivered to their door in "as soon as an hour." That's pretty impressive, given that even Amazon's same-day shipping service (Prime Now) is generally limited to two-hour deliveries.

Another benefit Target's same-day shipping system offers over its competitors is the ability for customers to edit or add items to their order before delivery takes place. Prime Now doesn't allow for this at the moment, and requires users to cancel their orders and place new ones if they happen to forget an important household product.

Of course, this service isn't free. You can either sign up for an annual $99/year membership, or opt to pay a flat $9.99 delivery fee for each order you place.

With that said, right now, Target is offering a free four-week trial to anyone that signs up for the service, as well as a $15 gift card once you spend over $100. If that offer sounds appealing, you can try the program out for yourself by visiting its official website right here.